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Jesus Love the Little Children

Jesus and children

Des Moines, IA

This stained glass window is mounted on a wall in Zion Lutheran Church on beaver avenue. The church just celebrated their 150th anniversary in November. They are the oldest Lutheran church in Des Moines. The window was from on of the churches former buildings that used to reside on 3rd and Chestnut. They don’t know who or when it was made but they suspect that it was made sometime in the 1880s when the building was made. The current pastor John Kline, believes that the information may be in the old board minutes which are very fragile and all in German. They plan on undertaking the process of recovering the information in the new year.



Winter Swale

Winter Swale

Ankeny, IA

This shot was take on 26 Dec 2009 from my living room window. Now that winter has rolled in you can only see the tops of some of the native plants that were growing in the bioswale at the back of our property, in northeast Ankeny. During the summer months the swale is a chorus of frogs, toads, and crickets. To our surprise though, there never was a large population of mosquitoes, we will have to see next year.

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